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Five tips to help you unwind and reset

2020 is here and the workplace is back in full swing but getting through the weekly grind can can build stress and anxiety over time.

When we have downtime, over the weekends, evenings or on holiday, it's important to use this time to unwind and reset as best we can.

Here are five simple relaxation tips to help get you through:

1. Check your breathing. Are you breathing into your chest or your stomach. Chest breathing is related to stress, so make sure your breaths are deep into your stomach to ensure your relaxation system kicks into gear.

2. Park your thoughts. If you notice that you have thoughts that stop you from relaxing, tell yourself to think about it when you return to work.

3. Do something for yourself. Whatever you enjoy, make sure you allow space for that while you have the time.

4. Go for a refreshing swim. The cold sensations on your temples can trigger the body into relaxation mode.

5. Get some sleep. On weekends or holidays we so often want to make the most of it by getting out and about. Instead, try to prioritise sleep so that you return to your weekly routine with some #resilience.

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